Performer Kimball finds music, life a journey

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Aaron Kimball grew up with a guitar, and even though it originally had only five strings —- he soon added more —- he’s always found a way to make his creative voice heard.

The 27-year-old singer-songwriter is a Carlsbad resident who moves between music and art. He’s traveled the country playing his music, using the creativity he cultivated in a large family that appreciated music. Kimball appears tonight at the open mike night at Hill Street Cafe in Oceanside, where he will play a short set and sell copies of his latest CD. He’s also a frequent and popular guest at venues such as the Ocean House and Flying Elephant Pub in Carlsbad, as well as coffeehouses, schools and churches.

“I’m working on another, doing all the writing and recording,” he said. “I enjoy the process.”

Kimball writes and performs contemporary “soul pop” and concepts influenced by his Christian faith, saying his music comes from a higher power, while also remaining universal to people of all faiths. Kimball played music with his brothers and his father, who owns Integrity Plus Plumbing in Carlsbad, and who always kept a guitar around the house.

“By the mid-’90s, I was playing music for people in public, and the more I did, the more I realized that I wanted my music to help people,” Kimball said. “You might look at the songs as therapy in a way, in a sense that I present choices and ask people to look at the choices they make. We all make choices every day, and sometimes we’re challenged. Music and art can help us find a direction. I hope that my works serve as kind of a door opener for people.”

Kimball moves between music and art, painting colorful, impressionistic works meant to inspire thought and creativity in others.

“It’s a flowy art style,” he said. “It’s modern, in some ways, using both color and black and white.”

New ideas arrive often, he said.

“My mind’s wheels are always spinning,” Kimball said.

Kimball says he’s inspired by the outdoors, especially the Oregon coast.

“I’m trying to get out more with my music, maybe take small road trips,” he said. “What I see out there inspires me.”
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